Chemical Name:
sodium N-chloro-para-toluenesulfonamide

Halamid® is a universal, readily biodegradable disinfectant which is widely used as a germicide in sanitary practices, because of the following properties: Active against bacteria (Gram positive and Gram negative), viruses (naked as well as enveloped) and fungi. Stable and active at low as well as elevated temperatures. Safe to handle, both powder and aqueous solution. Safe to nature, readily biodegradable and none of the chlorine disadvantages. Superior storage stability. No risk of building up resistant microorganisms.

Halamid® is the Universal Disinfectant which is used in numerous branches of industry like:

Intensive farming, hospitals, slaughterhouses, meat-packers and butcheries, breweries and soft drink industry, dairy and margarine industry, sugar and potato industry, food industry including canning, ice-cream industry, aquaculture, veterinary practice, water disinfection, personal hygiene, swimming pools, drinking water disinfection, waste water treatment, disinfecting washing powders.


Halamid is approved by the Department of Environment, Food and rural Affairs (DEFRA) for use under specified animal disease Orders for purposes of the Animal Health Act 181 at the dilution rates below:

This disinfectant product has been approved for disinfection where an approved product is required to be used under the control legislation for the following specific disease(s) orders;

  • Poultry diseases including avian influenza, influenza of avian origin in mammals, Newcastle disease, paramyxovirus at a dilution rate of this preparation plus 150 parts of water;

This disinfectant product has also been approved at a dilution of 1 part of this preparation plus 300 parts water for disinfection where General orders require the use of an approved disinfectant, but this approval does not apply to disinfection required under the specific control legislation relating to Swine Vesicular disease or Tuberculosis disease.

This approval is granted under the Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) Orders made by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England, Scottish ministers in Scotland and Welsh Ministers in Wales.  For confirmation of continuing approval refer to the Defra list of approved disinfectants at http://disinfectants.defra.gov.uk


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Halamid® is a registered trademark of Axcentive SARL