PuraChol® Choline Chloride 70% on vegetable carrier’

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Choline is indispensable for a number of fundamental processes in the body. Although a natural ingredient in many feedstuffs, the concentration is usually too low to ensure proper development and optimum growth in young animals, especially poultry, pigs and calves, but also cats, dogs and other fur-bearing animals.
Generally classed as a B-complex vitamin (sometimes referred to as vitamin B4) choline influences the metabolism of carotene and vitamin A in animals. It is an essential component for ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous system. Choline plays a vital role by:
– building and maintaining cell structures;
– forming acetylcholine for the transmission of impulses;
– preventing perosis in poultry; and
– building lecithin
Choline Chloride 70% has almost 17% more active choline per kilogram than Choline Chloride 60%.


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